Tax Strategy

When it comes to taxes we understand that a business is only as good as its records. We specialize in prompt, accurate, and thorough tax returns. A lot of tax preparers take a general approach to your taxation as a business but we are here to take a special approach. We will make sure that new business owners are kept up to date on major changes in the tax code, new tax benefits, and common deductions that are overlooked. Our tax preparer’s average of 10 years of experience make them extraordinarily valuable to our clients. We are here to make sure that we take an analytical and beneficial approach to every return that we process.

We Will Prepare Your Personal & Business Taxes

Not only is the landscape of self-employment unfamiliar ground for most new entrepreneurs, but the rules constantly evolve. It’s critical that you have an expert advisor to keep you appraised of each new tax related opportunity or risk that you might face. They can structure your activities to reduce your IRS liability and keep more of your money in your pocket; they can show you the records you must collect if you want to reduce capital gains liability; and they can make you aware of deductions you might otherwise have missed. The sooner you get involved, the more you can potentially save when your next tax bill comes due. We know how hard you’ve worked for your income, and would be proud to help you keep as much of it as possible in your accounts beyond April 15.

IRS Audit Representation

Our tax preparers will take the needed precautions to reduce the likelihood of an audit. In the event that your return is audited, they will respond to the IRS on your behalf and stand by your side through the process.

What We Provide

Full time Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to work with you directly.

Automated expense tracking software to track: time, activity, expense, income, travel.

Income tax planning/strategy.

Licensed in all 50 states.

Maximize personal/business deduction.

Full preparation for both personal and business tax returns.

Unlimited access to your tax advisor.

IRS Audit Protection.


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